Paarl Pneumatics has been in the business for over 20 years. Throughout theses years, we have grown tremendously in terms of size, experience, production and the products and services we offer. Paarl Pneumatics is all about giving our clients what they need and assisting them in any way possible throughout the process. Read about why you should choose us for all your pneumatic needs:

Custom designs

Not only do we offer standard parts, we also design and manufacture custom pneumatic parts per the client’s request. The designs are completed with technical proficiency, ensuring that the final manufactured product is up to regulatory standards, while still meeting the needs of the client.

Customer Care

At Paarl pneumatics, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide fantastic customer care throughout the entire pneumatics process; from the moment you request the part, to the moment it is handed over to you. Our friendly team of professionals are ready to help you with every query and request.

Expert advice

Our services extend above and beyond the design and manufacturing of pneumatic products. We are also here to provide you with expert advice. Consult with one of our professionals about the possibilities of upgrading your pneumatic system or about plans for specific components to receive informative feedback that could help you make decisions about your equipment.

Professional installations

We provide our clients with the service of professional installations. These installations are provided for all products that are designed, manufactured or supplied by us.