Compact air cylinders have been around since the ’50’s and, to this day, they are still a very popular choice in the pneumatics industry. These small but powerful air cylinders have upheld their importance in this industry due to their usefulness in a wide range of industrial applications. Read about why compact air cylinders are still important below:


Space is of no concern to these small devices. Regardless of how tight the situation and how many components are in the surrounding area; compact air cylinders are built to fit into the space. This also means that they can be used as space savers in large systems with minor components.


Due to their size, compact air cylinders do not weigh as much as regular cylinders. These lightweight cylinders are much easier to handle – creating a ripple effect of benefits. These benefits include ease of handling, reduced labour and replacements or repairs can be completed quickly.


A compact air cylinder can be considered a pint-sized powerhouse. The size of the cylinders does not take away from their ability to perform. You can trust that any system with a compact air cylinder in place will be strong and reliable.


Compact air cylinders are important as they are the solution to many applications. Some of the applications that require the use of compact air cylinders are printing presses, conveyor systems, animatronics, packaging machinery and much more.

Custom designs The great thing about these compact air cylinders is that they can be customised. The customisation of these products makes their performance abilities limitless.