For a number of industries, only stainless steel will work. In this blog, we will highlight the essential properties of high quality stainless steel and the multiple stainless steel pneumatic cylinder applications that might benefit from our product range.

Stainless steel cylinders are manufactured from the highest grade stainless steel to provide you and your application with the most durable and highest quality product. Stainless steel is highly chemical and corrosion resistant against materials such as chlorides, sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Not only is stainless steel resistant to corrosion, it also functions exceptionally well in extreme temperatures associated with a range of harsh industries. Our stainless steel cylinders are designed to be industry compliant for use in applications where hygiene is of the highest importance. 

For some industries, stainless steel is the only ideal material. Whether for extreme environments or for the highest hygiene standards, stainless steel provides an optimal solution. Stainless steel pneumatic cylinder applications include everything from the oil and gas industry to the medical industry.

In the medical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, hygiene and thorough cleaning is crucial. Everything down to the pneumatic cylinders must conform to certain standards to ensure these guidelines are met. Our cylinders, for instance, are designed with a smooth surface to avoid any areas where contamination could occur. In other designs, the end-caps are specifically manufactured to eliminate cavities which could otherwise compromise hygiene.

Stainless steel for harsh environments

There are industries where chemical and corrosion resistance is paramount. In harsh environments found in oil and gas, high levels of resistance are crucial. Our stainless steel cylinders are manufactured to withstand these aggressive environments.