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Our services

Manufacturing of Custom and ISO standard cylinders to client specifications.

Comprehensive range of standard and custom Pneumatic control units.

General engineering and machining of components and parts.

Pneumatic custom and standard component design and manufacture.

Pneumatic line layout and technical design as per client requirements.

Installation of filtration units.

Comprehensive installation service of airlines and pneumatic distribution network

Installation service on all components we supply.

We provide consulting services on pneumatic plant and component requirements for any and all pneumatic requirements your operation might require.

Need to upgrade your current pneumatic equipment, we can consult on the best possible replacement or upgrade possibilities.

We also provide expert consulting on pneumatic layouts and distribution for your operation.

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Numatics Cape specializes in, the supply and manufacture of pneumatic components. With our selection of top quality branded products, we will meet all your Pneumatic requirements.  We have the experience and technical knowledge to provide unbeatable services and support that will keep your operation moving forward.