Paarl Pneumatics is a market leader in a versatile range of manufacturing accessories for industrial applications. We have an extensive product offering that is utilised across operations. This includes pneumatic cylinders, accessories, vacuum components, solenoid valves, valves, compressed air filtration as well as customised projects.

Pneumatic Cylinders are metal machines that guide a piston in a straight line reciprocating movement. The energy is converted through mechanical expansion as the air converts from heat to mechanical components.

Here are 3 Tips on how to maintain your Pneumatic Cylinders:

  • Inspect the pneumatic cylinder regularly

In order to exercise preventative maintenance across the operations of the pneumatic cylinder, it would be important to inspect the cylinder consistently and the lube oil system. Keep the oil clean by ensuring that the pressure is increased sufficiently.

  • Install high-efficiency filters on the pneumatic cylinder

Differential pressure gauges and indicators can verify when the cylinder requires a change of oil or pressure transformation. Another aspect of the filter is the ability to change the pressure before it goes into a condition when the oil passes through the housing unfiltered.

  • Ensure that the cylinders are rotated regularly

Production time should be uninterrupted for the duration of maintaining the pneumatic cylinder. Once the cylinder is disassembled, the condition of the components can be inspected and the correct course of action can be taken. For example, changing the operating temperature or realigning the joints in the cylinder with the adjacent accessories can play a pivotal role in ensuring optimal productivity.

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